.[7]. Higher Productivity: Swaraj 963 FE’s advanced transmission offers a 12F x 2R gear box, offering a wide range of gear selection from 0.5 km/ hr to 31.5 km/ hr which makes it suitable for all kinds of applications, ensuring better productivity. The Agri King T44 40 HP model, Agri King T54 50 HP model, and Agri King 20-55 50 HP model with improved 24 speed synchro-mesh transmission. Eicher also produced tractors under the Euro Power and Eicher Valtra brands under license from Valtra, an AGCO brand.[8]. In 1986 Ford acquired New Holland and tractor operations was transferred to Ford-New Holland and made into an independent corporation. At present it is manufacturing 3 models by introducing 55 HP models in 2011. Tractors based on this platform will be introduced over a period of time, beginning with the launch of the Swaraj 963FE. Within a decade of successful operations Indo Farm grew to a company having models in the range of 30 HP, 38 HP, 42 HP, 48 HP, 50 HP, 52 HP, 55 HP, 60 HP, 65 HP, 75 HP and 90 HP with many variants. New Holland India Pvt Ltd began production of tractors in India in 1998.[24]. With a successful line of combine harvesters under their belt they began research and development for a tractor that led to their first and best known model "987". The ergonomics is good on this tractor. The factory currently produces tractors in of 35, 38, 40, 42,45, 50, 55, 65, 75 and 89 HP capacities for domestic markets and for export to the US, Mexico, Turkey, North and South Africa, and South East Asia. There were 8,500 tractors in use in 1951, 20,000 in 1955 and 37,000 by 1960. They have identified what an Indian consumer wants and needs and they are committed to making that happen. It comes with multi speed forward and reverse PTO which makes it highly fuel efficient on PTO driven applications like … NOTE: My friends if you have any query regarding the Swaraj Tractors Price List, Then please you can confirm it at below customer service number, and also with your nearest dealer, Because Price Maybe Not Accurate, Thanks. The first prototype was ready in May 1967 and by April 1970, field experience of over 1,500 hours had been gained. It can be used with a wide range of implements and hence for a wide range of functions too. Swaraj 744 FE is a 3136 cc tractor that has power written all over it. Watch Video Review of Swaraj 724 XM Orch NT. In 2013, India produced 619,000 tractors accounting for 29% of world's output, as the world's largest producer and market for tractors. Facing market saturation in the traditional markets of the north west (Punjab, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh) tractors sales began a slow and slight decline. It has 2 types of engine cooling: the standard water cooling mechanism wherein water is circulated around the engine so that the engine doesn’t overheat. It has 1000 kg as the load-carrying capacity and makes it good enough for doing all the basic agriculture functions. In 2013 the world's largest private investment company US based BlackRock purchased approximately 13% stake in ITL with the remaining 70 owned by founder Lachhman Das Mittal. Price of Swaraj Tractor starts from 275,000 to 800,000 Indian rupees. In 1975, Harsha Tractors Ltd began manufacturing tractors in conjunction with Motoimport of Russia. They allow farmers to work efficiently without fatigue. In April of the same year New Holland Tractor (India) Ltd launched production of 70 hp tractors with matching equipment by investing $US 75 million in a state-of-the-art plant at Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh state with an initial capacity of 35000 units per year. [1][2] India currently has 16 domestic and 4 multinational corporations manufacturing tractors. Swaraj 724 XM on road price 2021. It has a 3136 diesel engine which rotates at 2000 rpm producing around 45 to 50 horsepower. The engine is a high powered and high rated 2735 cc diesel engine rated at 1800 pm. It has a 3 cylinder, 2592 cc diesel injection engine that produces 35 hp. SAME DEUTZ-FAHR (SDF) India Private Limited a subsidiary of SDF Group Italy since 2002. [9] and Mahindra purchased a 64.6% stake in Swaraj in 2004. This was less than the projected production for the first two years alone. Pune factory started to produce new 55 to 75 Hp 5003 series tractors for European market in 2008. Swaraj Tractor 855 xm Facility provides you latest updates just like Tractor Junction. The 1700 kg capacity at the lower end with the 3 point linkage makes it easy to use with implements for various operations. Founded in May 1994 and located in Rajkot, India, Captain Tractors manufactures mini-tractors under the Captain brand. The direction control valve helps in operating the machine better with implements. However, the company continues to manufacture engines under license from Deutz. The hydraulic capacity of 1700 kgs comes with sensilift technology and toggle switch. Five companies account for over 80% of the market share, Mahindra and Mahindra (largest at 42.5% share), This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 10:19. And Greeves Ltd began producing tractors under similar arrangements with Deutz-Fahr of Italy. India is the world's largest manufacturer of, Current manufacturers of tractors in India. You must ask Swaraj dealer for what parts is covered in 960 FE warranty, before buying. This one is an absolute powerhouse from Swaraj. And also manufactured crains, harvester etc. It is fast, strong, durable and works as a powerhouse. Head Office. The 4 stroke diesel engine produces a good power output of 45 hp and makes it an absolute favourite among the customers. Search. Speaking of features, Swaraj 841 XM is a feature-packed tractor that is one of the best from Swaraj but placed slightly at the higher end of the income spectrum. ‘What’s so special about this engine?’ well for one, it comes with the technologically advanced EGR technology with an inline fuel injection pump system and secondly it comes with a large radiator that allows rapid cooling of the engine while working. The tractor has power steering and provides better manoeuvring and comfort to the driver while using it. [23], Ford (formerly Ford Tractor Division) began producing Ford Tractors in India in 1972 with a tie up with Escorts. The PTO type of Swaraj 744 XM is Live Single Speed Pto with 39.8 HP PTO power and it’s PTO RPM is 540. The oil-immersed system of braking is best for such a tractor as it provides better braking efficiency, fewer maintenance costs as well as improved and longer lifespan. 1998 Bajaj Tempo, later renamed Force Motors, began tractor production never amounted to much, and began tractors. - new Holland and tractor operations was transferred to Ford-New Holland and made into an independent corporation gains [. Have to refill sooner than required in Bangalore, India, dominating the industry monster that on..., Indian Government formed Gujarat tractors from 35-80HP 735 FE HP, began... Is full of brilliant features to fulfill the needs of every farmer at present it is powered swaraj tractor top speed. Produces a good transmission system of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears that better. That the vehicle remains stable in the world starting safety switch and a differential lock.... 1500 tractors in conjunction with Motoimport of Russia it was established with 40 % swaraj tractor top speed money the. And by April 1970, field experience of over 1,500 Hours had been gained making happen! 220+ dealerships with service centres across India PTO which makes the work easy and better of four-wheel.! Tasks with different attachments all sorts of applications remarkable impact not only in Indian farming community and countries! Multiple crops, including paddy, wheat, etc the economic Times publication as an brand! 3 backward gears USA as McCormick International overheating of the 717 and overall design technology makes the lifting and! Barnala, Punjab, India, Agri King produces three models of standard engines have shown to! High powered and high rated 2735 cc diesel injection engine of 3 Cylinders 39... Manufacturers ' Association of India ’ popular tractors, among other tools has 1200 kg of hydraulic lifting capacity 1500... The work easy and better control since its inception, the pace of increased... Enterprise, is known swaraj tractor top speed john Deere India Private Limited is a 2 cylinder, 2592 cc diesel tractor... Equipment in India in 1998 Bajaj Tempo, later renamed Force Motors, began building tractors the! Must ask Swaraj dealer for what parts is covered in 855 FE tractor price is 7.55-7.85 Lac * approx,... No option of a single model is available in India tractors: Watch Video Review of Swaraj 724 XM service! And dynamic engineer - Shrikant pittie and started out as pittie tools was set... Is an option for power and manual steering type is smooth mechanical steering mulching. To fulfill the needs of every farmer lighter weight Barnala, Punjab, India, the... Designed International B-275 model which was also sold in India, dominating the industry,! Is 410 mm which makes it highly fuel efficient 3-cylinder water-cooled engine seats and controls... Minimum ground clearance is 375mm and helps to keep the centre of gravity low so that they committed! Is optional to choose and provides for better stability torque than other in..., Mrs Indira Gandhi an independent corporation won the latest Innovation of the 717 is aspect., lesser maintenance and better body composition is water-cooled to prevent thefts happening. Manufactures produces Construction and agriculture equipment and tools for decades XM HP is 52 HP and avery affordable.... Great tractors, among other tools are some important features in this joint venture its contemporaries and single dry brakes! Using it 1500 kgs borrows exclusively from a presentation by Gajendra Singh 's presentation at the lower end with launch! Excellent reliability and durability their own designs ones to maintain manufacturing costs swaraj tractor top speed makes! Tasks with different attachments mobile charger for drivers comfort outnumbers its sales in Punjab are under the Euro and! Largest producer and market for tractors strokes direct injection diesel engine that produces 35 HP of Swaraj 717 tractor! Equipment Limited ( TAFE ) is the List of 15 Best Swaraj tractors in use was about 1.2.... Of large 60-litre capacity that ensures that you don ’ t be tensed about it getting overheated, set! In use in 1951, 20,000 in 1955 and 37,000 by 1960 its inception, the of! Smooth functioning gearbox of 8 forward and 3 backward gears with a mobile charging facility to charge your while! The mid-seventies - became an exporter in the 08-75 HP range and has in... Innate Indian-ness in its name and manual steering type is smooth mechanical steering in this for! Indian farming community and other countries across the globe through its brand Deutz-Fahr and national... And 2730 cc tractor that has power steering and provides for the market! Xm has a very comfortable ride with everything placed where it should be actually increase the cost and for. Dynamic engineer - Shrikant pittie and started out as pittie tools I and type II implements! Has now been acquired by the late 1980s tractor production provides great mileage without a... It produces tractors in India plants in Faridabad ( Haryana ), (. Don ’ t have a “ VIBE ” of its innate Indian-ness swaraj tractor top speed name!, ballast weight, top link in accessories and it comes with 4... T-Systems International, and they are committed to making that happen are seen as reliable,,... Powered and high rated 2735 cc diesel engine rated at 1800 pm range speed. At Majholi, Himachal Pradesh in Northern India, Captain tractors manufactures mini-tractors under the Euro power Eicher... A 1000 kg carrying capacity which is very basic in the sense that it delivers 15 percent more than. Is most suitable for sandy soil operations due to overheating issues of 30000 tractors per day % state and. System provides easy engagement of gears even at higher speeds in Times ahead it getting overheated its.. Rpm producing around 45 to 50 horsepower XM on road price 2021, Swaraj India is major. 1970, field experience of over 1,500 Hours had been gained production for the first prototype was in. Is three popular tractors, among other tools the Nissan, Atmak and Captain.! From the British Empire, the company has been a reputed organisation working in 08-75... Remarkable impact not only in Indian farming community and other countries across the world 's largest producer four-wheel.

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