I'm a novice trying to grow strawberry plants in horizontal PVC pipes hung along the top of a fence line. I love this idea. You may paint your PVC pipe to make it more visually pleasing, but choose a light color, like terracotta red, yellow, light green or blue. Do the strawberry plants grow up your walls or hang down below the pipes? Stays fairly neat and tidy . Once you have finished planting all your strawberries, don’t forget to water them. PVC Pipe Garden Planters 02. Many commercial growers grow annual strawberry crops. We used a 4″ pipe with a 3″ diameter bit-for reference. Maybe you don’t have much space, but PVC pipe may not be something you want to see in your garden. I’m going to put a list of the exact items I used and you can go from there. There is many drainage holes in the bottom of the pipe to allow adequate drainage. Check them out and you will find the greatest ways to grow fresh strawberries. I always wear gloves in the garden. I completely empty each container and then mix in some new potting soil and compost to make sure the soil is nutrient dense. the secret to growing strawberries easily. While you’re at it, don’t forget to wear your eye protection too. Plant your strawberry plants or herbs into your PVC pipe planter. Works great for hydroponic or aquaponic systems! Question tho, what happens to the runners that plants produce? April 2, 2019 by homemadeonourhomestead 22 Comments. One of the top requests I get is how to b… Drill a hole in between each of the holes you previously drilled with the 5/16th bit. For a large strawberry planter, connect several tiers of pipes together with elbow joints and three-way connectors. I love to garden. This is another similar idea of making Hydroponic Garden Tower Using PVC Pipes. I renew my potting soil every summer. These DIY strawberry towers are PVC-free and are perfect for small gardens, balcony gardens, and greenhouse planting. So, if you love gardening and if you like unordinary things, here you have a collection of 12 original PVC pipe planters to liven up your garden. PVC Pipe Strawberry Planter. Care to give it a try? Jan 26, 2013 - A PVC strawberry tower is an innovative way to grow lots of strawberry plants on a small plot of ground. Have a great day. Its just a piece of PVC pipe that’s had some holes drilled along the sides and then been mounted in the ground to stick up vertically like a tower. Fill with more soil as you go if needed. I found that most of the pipe in the major hardware stores carry pipe like this in 10′ lengths. There’s nothing worse then getting started on something and then having to stop and head to the store (again) because you forgot something. Construction. Fortunately I have a willing husband to be as excited about strawberries as I am. I placed my rafter hangers in place, then placed my filled pvc pipe on the hangers for easy planting. Nov 6, 2013 - Strawberry Planter: Make a strawberry planter out of excess materials around the house. Ordinary PVC pipes are used for growing tons of strawberry plants in a small space, unbelievable. 4. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2021 homemade on our homestead, « THE SECRET TO MENDING A SWEATER QUICKLY AND EASILY, How to sew a face mask| DIY reusable face mask sewing tutorial | FREE mask pattern ». . Most of the time I may have 1-2 that dont make it, but Id say thats pretty good considering how many plants I have in each one. We planted these every 9.5″ down the length of our pvc pipe. Most of the time they are very helpful and more than happy to do this. Bury the last uncut 12 inches part of the PVC pipe … You can create a planter as large as your space will hold. The best method for ensuring all plants get watered well is to insert a porous pipe into the center of the pot while planting. We used 3 hangers for each length of pipe but you could probably get away with just using 2 for each. Chances are you may feel an urge to visit the hardware store after reading these ideas. Thanks for the question. This PVC pipe vertical planter tower is a great way to grow strawberries, and saving spaces, learn how to make it to make your own strawberry garden here: PVC Pipe Vertical Strawberry Planter Tutorial. To create a watering column, measure the height of your strawberry pot and then cut a piece of 1 1/2-inch PVC piping that is 1 to 2 inches shorter than this measurement. They are obtainable in various size, shapes and also styles – circular, square or square. PVC Pipe Garden Ideas. Again, If you decide to use a smaller pipe, you’ll want to use a smaller diameter saw hole bit as well. Cut 2 ½ inch holes down on one side, 1 foot apart leaving the last 12 inches uncut. Strawberry plants. You will need to get several PVC pipes, electrical drill and saw, wire, scissors and soil in order to make one such tower. This is the first year and there were problems (i.e. These PVC pipe planter towers allows you to grow an abundance of strawberries in a small space. 1. 16 Unimaginable DIY PVC Pipe Planters that can summon your sleeping gardener spirit in you. No need to glue as you’ll want to be able to remove this at the end of growing season and clean it out. You can also ask the guys at your local hardware stuff to cut the pvc pipe to length for you. Gloves (optional). I just used my leather gloved hand to do this. I save the soil and add fresh, new, composted soil to the old soil each year before re-filling and planting a new crop. So the first thing you’re going to need before you head to the hardware store is a supply list. Add potting soil into the top of the 4-inch pipe, keeping the irrigation line centered and capped as you scoop soil into the larger pipe. Id love to know how it worked in your 4B area. Once you have those holes all drilled, remove that drill bit and replace it with a 15/64″ bit. my lack of knowledge and lack of sufficient drainage--now corrected) but I find myself wondering how to overwinter these plants. We got a 5"x10' piece for $15 at a local landscaping supply warehouse. A PVC pipe tower garden is a newer strawberry planter idea that’s like a giant, skinny, strawberry pot. Hope this helps. Take your sharpie and your tape measure and put a mark every 3″ down the underside of your pipe. I’ll have a tool list below as well so take a look at that as well. Good luck with this method for growing fruits, veggies and herbs. Take the PVC pipe and insert it into the empty strawberry pot so it reaches all the way to the bottom. Has anyone made a vertical strawberry planter out of PVC pipe? The first step is deciding the height and width of the pipe. Perfect PVC Garden Projects if you’re a small space gardener!. If you are unsure, check fit at the hardware store to make sure you have the right one. Here is a video tutorial for them. After your piece of pvc pipe is as full as you can get it, place the other cap on the end you just filled. Vertical Grow Tower for Vegetables Learn how to make a Vertical Strawberry Planter with just a few affordable supplies. I’ll plant our first strawberries this year. We have found that having one plant every 7″ or so was good and allowed the strawberries adequate room to grow. They seem to love it . The pipes will be placed in large pots so they can be moved around the around area when needed. How do the runners propagate with this method? Now that you have finished drilling all your 3″ holes to put your plants in, it’s time to drill our drainage holes on the opposite side. Organic gardening soil. We planted these every 9.5″ down the length of our pvc pipe. Your email address will not be published. Strawberries grow beautifully in baskets, and you can hang them anywhere sunny for a harvest that’s easy to reach up and grab. How to Build Your Own Strawberry Tower: Detailed instruction how out to make your own growing tower out of a standard 4" PVC pipe. This is what was stamped on the back of the pipe we purchased for this project. I have a host close to my enclosed garden area and I water as normal. Please keep my posted! With the pipe laying on the ground and locked in between your feet, drill the 3″ holes along the length of your pipe. Do you overwinter your plants? We used these to hang our strawberry pipes up with. That will make two planters. Don't worry about soil spilling out into the sides and base of the planter (Image 1). Hi Mourad! PVC pipe garden I wanted something easy to hang on the concrete block wall that we have running around the yard. The PVC strawberry planter takes up little room and allows the plant to grow downwards instead of out. It’s personal preference. A few more ideas. Remember to leave at least an inch (if not 2-3″) of wiggle room. You’ll place these on the end of the pipe once you’ve filled it with soil. I used 3 hangers for each section of pipe. After each 3″ hole you drill, take a screwdriver and pop out the piece of plastic pipe from the inside of the bit. Filed Under: GARDENING Tagged With: how to grow strawberries, how to grow strawberries horizontally, the secret to growing strawberries easily. Below is the entire transcript from the video: Hello everyone. When it started to backup, I simply tipped the pipe up to force the soil down to the bottom. They are perfect for growing strawberries but you can grow many different other plants in them. You could get seriously injured if you hit that trigger while you had a screwdriver in there. We did one 20’ length. Garden planters are excellent indoors and also out. 1. Based on your description our best guess is that the plants will not overwinter. Good luck. let me know if you have an other questions. They balance the area in our garden. I prefer to plant standing up. So you’ll need. Measure the area you plan to put these PVC pipe strawberry containers. June 4, 2014 June 19, 2013 Simon ... A 2 or 3mm drillbit for the watering pipe[/tool] [tool]A knife[/tool] [supply]A length of PVC downpipe 100mm or 150mm diameter. Step 2: Cut http://extension.umd.edu/growit/fruit-profiles/strawberries. How To Build a Gravity-Based PVC Aquaponic Garden Very … VIEW IN GALLERY. Our pipes were a gaudy bright orange . Thank you again for the cool idea! Theres adequate drainage holes on the bottom of each pipe so I dont need to worry about over watering the containers. The plants are easy to water. But you can do this on the ground if thats easier for you. Optional, but this is something I always do. Not new plants every year, I just seem to add more I do a solid refresh and add new organic composted soil though. Yes they do. Hand saw for cutting your pipe down to size. Typically I leave them hanging where they are and I cover with a layer of straw. PVC Pipe Vertical Strawberry Planter Tutorial – by Urban Green Space. CAUTION: Be sure that your hands or fingers are no where near the trigger for the drill while doing this. I used a bucket, some left over 1 1/2" pvc pipe, some small chain, and some silicon caulking. Let me know if you have anymore questions. PVC Pipe Garden Planters. This will make it easy to remove them at the end of season to clean them out in preparation for next year. Very important step. I have a watering can and a hose near by so Im not transporting water long distances to the garden. . Great Idea Jasper! Pulling the plastic bits off and wiping down the sides of the holes was sufficent enough. Easy to make, easy to plant, easy to harvest. Usually comes in 10′ lengths (for reference). I do with mine in beds, and would like to try this method, just not sure how to make sure they survive the winter. If you have a small space, you could use ordinary PVC pipes to grow tons of strawberry plants. I love this idea, as we’ve yet to grow any strawberries yet. Remove your 3″ saw hole drill bit from your drill and install the 5/16″ drill bit. After some asking around, some research, and a lot of discussion, eighteen strawberry plants are not just growing, but flourishing using just a square foot of yard space. For covering in the fall to overwinter, you could also just move them to the ground in place laying on a bed of straw and then covering with straw again, esp in areas of the country where it freezes hard and deep, like here. Then, pla… Click in for complete instructions. Continue filling until the planter and pipe have adequate soil (Image 2). Once you have one end of the pipe capped, grab the kids and begin to fill your pipe as full as you can with potting soil. Install your 3″ saw hole bit onto your drill. Hope this helps. Learning how to grow strawberries horizontally doesn’t have to be difficult. strawberry tower Our “tower” is a six foot length of 4” PVC schedule 40 pipe. TIP: Make sure the drill bit in the center is on the mark that you made. For a vertical planter, drill 1-inch holes in the walls of a piece of 6-inch-diameter PVC pipe. These are only suggestions. I’m always looking for new ways to do things and growing produce is no exception. What could be better than that for aspiring strawberry growers? Hi there. You can definetly make these your own and hang them any way that you like and what workls best for your space. Make sure it’s tight. Once you have done this, you should have a hole drilled every 1.5″ down the underside of the pipe for drainage. Measure the spaces you want to put these pipes to hang. The root system needs to be protected and will not survive the winter outdoors with row cover or in your basement. Hi Thanks so much for your question. I water just as I would any other plants. Mount the PVC strawberry planter to a fence, porch or free-standing post with wire or plastic zip ties. So I took a length of pipe (about 6 feet long) and painted it white on the outside. SDR 35 PVC cap. 15/64″ drill bit for smaller drain holes in between the 5/16″ drilled holes. What do you do with them? First, cut the pvc pipe in alternating 45 degree miters(as shown in the pic). not really something I wanted hanging out there! Vertical Strawberry Tube Planter. Most of the time they are very helpful and more than happy to do this. Original PVC Pipe Planter Ideas. You’ll love how simple it is to make these long-lasting strawberry planters so you can grow your own organic berries. So measure your space. Over the years, we have found this method of growing strawberries has produced amazing results as well as saved us valuable space in our gardens. Here’s how to set up your tower of PVC pipe. Watch the video if you want the full demo of this being done. Also, make sure you have all the tools you’ll need to finish this project. Not something you have to do, but it will look much cleaner when you are finished. Rafter hangers. 3″ saw hole drill bit. If you have a favorite way to grow strawberries that produces great results, share in the comments section below! Thanks for sharing. Hand saw for cutting your pipe down to size. Should I take the whole pipe with plants intact into the basement and basically ignore them over the winter, or should I maybe try some sort of row cover where I would leave the pipe and plants suspended on the fence line over the winter? Tho on second thought, even tho we’re in zone 4B, we might just cover with straw as you suggested, taking them up and down, here, it might be a great hiding, burrowing spot for mice!

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