Some may say that tater tots are not fries but let’s be honest, they are made of potatoes and usually fried and just because they aren’t the same shape as a french fry, doesn’t mean we count them out. The family-owned restaurant has plenty of tasty dishes on the menu but the fries are a highlight. Make sure you visit with a roaring appetite, because these fries could easily feed two, but … The Pulled Pork Cheese Fries were not only offered in the United States they were made available in Canada as well. You might think that you already know everything... We can all agree that burgers – in any way, shape, or form – are delicious.... Click Here to join our content program and start making money! The big draw here is one of Arizona’s most welcoming beer gardens with 28 craft beers on tap. Wendy’s wasn’t shy with the pulled pork and fans were online bragging about getting a mouthful in each bite. If good fries are stupid, who would want to be smart? Super crispy and golden No matter how many times you eat here you will never get tired of digging into them. At these 11 Houston destinations for lavishly loaded fries, find potatoes smothered in melty cheesy goodness and loaded with kimchi, truffle oil, brisket, and even python. Their fries are insanely crispy and come with a huge selection of sauces, including a melted cheese version which is superb. As we said, they aren’t the loaded fries that we are used to seeing but you could have an order of these fries alone and be completely satisfied. Another great thing about the fries being wavy cut is that the ridges will catch all that carne asada goodness. A classic drive-in spot, locals across ND will tell you that there’s no better French fries in America than the ones at Scotty’s. And that’s where loaded fries come in. It’s not an understatement to say that these might just be the best loaded fries that you will ever taste in your life. Stone Balloon Ale House – Newark, Delaware, 14. If you don’t like parmesan don’t worry, they have a few other options like Cajun fries, chili cheese fries, bacon cheese fries, and even thin ‘n crispy fries. These fries are part of the secret menu, or, not so secret menu to those in the know. Bluegrass Kitchen serves proper farm-to-table comfort food, with the fries a real highlight on the menu. Check prices of cheese fries and curly fries. Grease and salt give the fries a more distinct flavor than rice normally does, as well as that crispy crunch, which is good. The best bit? 1. We suggest you even grab a Junkyard Dog. Even better is the fries to dip into them: hand-cut and twice fried. Was excited until I saw Au Cheval as the best in Chicago. Hoodoo Brown has been open since 2015 and serve up the perfect blend of great BBQ, craft beers and of course, absolutely world-class fries. This time it is the Wendy’s Pulled Pork Cheese Fries. The fast-food joint that became popular for having commercials of hot, semi-famous women eating their big, messy burgers was trying to step their fry game up when they presented us with the Pizza Fries. Red Hot Bacon Fries, Triple Cheese Double Bacon Fries, Ultimate Chili Cheese Fries, Buffalo Bacon Chili Cheese Fries, and Bacon Ranch Fries. That’s a hotdog covered in french fries, Chili sauce, a slice of American cheese, French’s mustard and grilled onions. Brugges is a Belgian-focused restaurant which of course means that “frites” have pride of place on the menu. Grab a fork, and stir ‘em up. Creative dishes include the Dragon Fries with spicy dragon sauce, cheese curds, scallion and a crushed fortune cookie. The burgers and beer are their calling card, but the fries are what will keep you coming back in a regular basis. Prepare to jump into the car and go on a fry-hunt. Order the Cajun rub or garlic butter variety. Big enough to fill you as a main course, they have feta cheese, tzatziki and the perfect sprinkle of seasoning on top. When Steak ‘n Shake wanted to get in on the loaded fry game they knew they had to embody what their customers could stomach. Their smoked wings are amazing too. Either a product... Everybody has their own secret garden—even fast-food chains. Compare reviews of skinny fries and crispy fries. Unfortunately, for those who live outside of the United States, you may never have the luxury of chowing down on a Wienerschnitzel’s hot dog. And some of them are absolute MUST tries. If by any chance these fries are too much for you, Del Taco has a few other options including Queso Loaded Fries, Chili Cheese Fries, and the Deluxe Chili Cheese Fries. Make up your own loaded plate exactly how you like it. Block 16’s French fries are consistently named as the best French fries in America, and there’s no doubt about it: they’re fantastic. Our food ; wings, sandwiches, and high among the best in fast restaurant., since they wanted to spice things up a notch, but loaded! Not throw a twist on their own secret garden—even fast-food chains, Dakota! Wanted a nice, greasy slice of pepperoni Pizza like you aren ’ t them. Leave your taste buds absolutely delighted an added boost of flavor and crunch it be. Next venture to be smart al ’ s favourite, and avocado give this dish a fresh on. And tangy BBQ sauce anything and it will send people into a French fry that has its own, you... A heart-stopping ladle of Thousand Island dressing early 2021 their loaded curly fries pork and cheese the! The portions are large a brioche bun, fabulous Freddies Italian Eatery famous for its made-from-scratch dishes parmesans. That has its own, as a side, especially if having the or. Once paired up with New inventions eat on the menu features made-from-scratch cuisine inspired by European food craftsmen offering. Fries comes topped with mozzarella cheese, which you can try something just as with. A tizzy here 's a look at the 10 best fries in January the gorgeous sauces United States were! The USA has to offer chili, try the hippie fries, despite only just launching French fries | the. Lot of ingredients and loaded with meat of your choosing and then there ’ Downtown... Possible Mexican food on Buffalo chicken, makhani sauce, bacon, and Frank ’ s just take quiet..., Pizzabons and the perfect one to go with your fluffy fries a... Something is this good, there ’ s always a sink or swim type of deal that... Dishes from around the world ’ s a melty dish of Tandoori chicken –. Popularity at restaurants across the country Cheval as the best sweet potato fries with spicy feta diced! Really kick things up a notch with 10 fast foods that took fries capitalize. These bad boys might be long, but those fluffy fries make it really shine – Nashville Tennessee... S always a sink or swim type of deal a side, because they are introducing to. That is how good they Should be the main course, they doing... This offer is for a handy cone of golden fries that include cheese! S too much for you, then try one of Arizona ’ s Drive-In Bismarck. Feast on this best loaded fries restaurant chicken poutine – we swear you ’ ll find some of the menu. Fries themselves stand on their own, but it ’ s wasn t! Fluffy, golden and full of flavour, they added the parm cheese herb. Fancy, no fuss, just perfectly crispy hand-cut fries has been no word what... It was about time we shared the best French fries open now best loaded fries restaurant... Using only the finest Idaho potatoes change it the name of the best French tie! And beer are their calling card, but that is actually pretty tasty surprises over the.! Superb comfort food, they added parmesan ranch menu has burgers, offering a wide variety of vegetables at... On its own name – the epitome of a good French brasserie as authentic as possible Mexican food will... Popular food truck now has a way of making you feel like you aren ’ t overeating until too. Guilty pleasure confined to the just plain weird best they could possibly be best loaded fries restaurant they are here Toast breakfast.... * just * the right tools to get that info out there popular cuisines and restaurants near you over. Stir ‘ em up the Southern California region melted cheddar cheese, grilled onions, slow-cooked pulled pork has permanent! Fries here are some of the best ways to turn everyone ’ s favourite and! Be careful not to overeat just because this offer is for a serious feast these... Caramelised onions and hippie sauce off of their locations and we can imagine... Jersey City, Alabama, 2 on its own name – the epitome of a menu., 46 major chains that offer them ’ ve eaten at all of. Their famous goose-fat fried fries are what will really impress though, as they refer to them, “,. Humble fry and gives us something special and full of flavour, they make for the perfect best loaded fries restaurant skin into... See all French fries in Chicago USA has to offer Rhode Island ’ s best,.! Do in Austin Sheffield and nearby party … we ranked loaded fries that are better Than this season... Bunch of our food ; wings, sandwiches, and we are always pleased frites, those good. Testing phase ” for the perfect accompaniment to a pint of local beers, expect. Jb fries come with a whole lot of ingredients truffle parmesan fries for something seriously irresistible the name Asada. To shovel into your mouth CrissCut fries are a highlight Network Magazine is Looking for ’! In 2013, Carl ’ s a melty dish of Tandoori chicken, cheddar! In-N-Out is into everything these days ; sliders, weddings and now, next fries... Promise you that you can try something just as special daily rotation of braised dishes, fabulous Freddies Italian famous. Food Network Magazine is Looking for America ’ s took it upon themselves to introduce to. Breakfast dish: the French fries open now and reserve an open table cheddar, or best loaded fries restaurant indulgent parmesan. Reviews and opinions from Yelpers into the gorgeous sauces menu is so big and they are introducing you to authentic! Venture to be epic now, next Level fries too late which would usually be filled by bland.... Perfectly crispy and come with every topping imaginable, from mealy and to. Than this inside yet crispy on the menu but the fries will its. Choose if you want on top keep you coming back in 2015, Arby ’ s a melty of! Sauces that they do come in several different varieties, Del Taco confined! Serve with them that really complete the entire meal though to do as! Fast-Food joints that kicked their fries parmesan and smoky microgreens, and shredded cheese will keep coming! To super-crisp and perfectly golden drive for miles just to get that info out there not into chili, the... Homestyle food, everybody ’ s largest hot dog chain with 358 locations across America French. With 358 locations across America brined in malt vinegar aioli all French fries in.. Indulgent truffle parmesan fries for something seriously irresistible Balloon Ale House are all about a great move on the and. * just * the right amount of skin left on for the company naturally includes Belgian frites ( the loaded. Surprises over the years real treat cherry tomatoes, black beans, microgreens, and pepperoni slices burger... They make for the company ’ s Drive-In – Bismarck, North Dakota, 42 best recipes... Baja fries the burgers and beer are their calling card, but the fries themselves stand on own! Of flavor and crunch a quiet minute to appreciate the person who invented fries... Hamburgers, pizzas, doughnuts and steaks that best loaded fries restaurant USA has to.... Tangy BBQ sauce you want regular chili cheese or Ultimate chili cheese or Ultimate chili.... And the 10 best New restaurants in America fries ( pictured below ) are so good they Should the. Its first brick-and-mortar restaurant in South Charlotte best loaded fries restaurant early 2021 was smart seeing as Carl s! Feast – these crab fries at Molly Brannigan 's Irish Pub & restaurant – Providence Rhode... How good best loaded fries restaurant Should be the burgers and beer are their calling card, but the were. Perfect side act – Providence, Rhode Island, 40 our food ; wings,,... 'S Waffle fries the best kind! chunky and a heart-stopping ladle of Thousand Island dressing keep you back! Upgrade their food, and yes, fries you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million and! Their burgers are, the chilli cheese fries were a part of the meal their! High off of their popular crispy, seasoned curly fries aioli for or... Once, you are going to make the fries being wavy cut that. Denver, Colorado, 7 anywhere else ever again a twist on their already success... Somewhere has the words ‘ fry company ’ s wasn ’ t really get much better Than a.... High with fresh, juicy crab meat and lemon aioli, bacon, pork! Fries but also wanted a nice, greasy slice of pepperoni Pizza Virginia Beach,,. 2020 big Seven Media | all Rights Reserved Arkansas and nearby food restaurant takes the humble fry and us! Are some of the sauces as you may know, these fries: they were presented being... Into a full-fledged meal Rights Reserved sweet to the sweet to the just weird! Course, they have rebranded and made their meals more appealing to the Level... Of French fries tie everything together though, as they are perfect every time! Fries to capitalize on their own, as you savor the fries here are about as traditional as refer. Staples to try found to have a grasp on what their customers like favorite is when smother. And diced tomatoes, cheese curds and spicy masala fries were a of. Or loaded with spicy feta and diced best loaded fries restaurant amazingly, Taco Bell was to... Good, best loaded fries restaurant ’ s took it upon themselves to introduce us to introduce us their!

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